with cold-pressed juices

Raw Routine offers cold-pressed juices extracted by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. As cold-pressing doesn't produce much heat, so it keeps more of the nutrients and minerals.

A Juice Cleanse is a great way to give your digestive system a much needed break and to give your body the kickstart of nutrients it deserves. Your body is able to easily absorb the nutrients you are consuming without overloading the digestive system.

The juice cleansing restores the energy levels of the body, improved sleep, improved mood, strengthened immune system, better digestion, clarity and a new found appreciation for your body processes and digestion.

Raw foods naturally contain higher levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals compared to cooked or processed foods.

We believe that whole, organic, plant-based foods are some of the most nutritious foods that nature has to offer. Raw foods typically mean unrefined, unprocessed, unheated fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. They contain no added colours, flavours or artificial preservatives.

Pierre Gabant